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About us

We,Hertz Union Technology Co.,Ltd. is specialized in supplying Industrial machinery and Electronic components. We positioned ourselves as integrated global supplier and facilitator from the beginning and have accumulated rich experience and supply sources with sound quality, competitive price and professional service, our products have been applied world-widely in the field of High Frequency Industry, Transmitting Industry and gained good reputation from clients. The products are sold far to USA,Australia,German,Japan,South Korea,Southeast Asia, Mid east Countries, South America, Africa West Europe and so on.

Our company has main products are as follows:

Solid state HF welder,Industrial Furance and Electrical motor

Electric power semiconductor components and complete silicon rectifying equipment

Electron Tube as the equivalent to Eimac, Toshiba, EEV, Thomsan brand.

Ceramic RF Capacitor and Vacuum Capacitor as well as Mica capacitor.

Welcome you to inquiry for detail information via Email,telephone or correspondence. Your visit will greatly increase the friendship and trust between us and  will be highly appreicated as well.

Hertz Elec products have passed the major international third-party quality control certifications such as UL, TUV, Lloyds and etc. We are always assuring our client with guaranteed delivery, approved quality, and after-sale service.



Contact: Eric

Phone: 15110254136

Tel: 0086-10-61593031


Email: info@hertzec.com

Add: 101-295,BLD.No.55,YUJING EAST RD.No.5,Tongzhou DIST,101118,BEIJING

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