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  • NL-35TG High power transistor electronic tube
  • NL-35TG High power transistor electronic tube
NL-35TG High power transistor electronic tube NL-35TG High power transistor electronic tube

NL-35TG High power transistor electronic tube

  • Description: NL-35TG High power transistor electronic tube

NL-35TG is a  high power transistor.  Is a direct thermal carbonization thorium-tungsten cathode glass triode anode cooling method is natural cooling, the maximum anode power dissipation is 50W, the maximum operating frequency is 30MHz, the tube is mainly used for industrial high frequency heating equipment for oscillation power amplifier.

Electrical parameters
Filament voltage:                       5V
Filament current:                       4 ~ 6A
Amplification factor                  20-30
Electrode capacitance:
Anode - the GRID:                  1.8 pF
Cathode - the GRID:                2.5pF
Anode - Cathode:                    0.4pF
Mechanical properties:
Weight:                                    0.12Kg
Installation: vertical, anode terminals up
Cooling: Natural
Anode sealing at the maximum temperature:                                        225 ° C
The core columns to seal the access at the highest temperature:
200 °C
Maximum ratings

The maximum anode DC voltage:                                                        2KV
Maximum Anode DC Current:                                                            150mA
Maximum GRID DC current:                                                              50mA
Maximum anode dissipation power:                                                     50W
Maximum GRID power dissipation:                                                     13W
In typical operation: class C telegraph
Filament voltage:                                                                                  5V
Anode DC voltage:                                                                              2KV
Anode DC Current:                                                                             150mA
Anode output power:                                                                           200W

Note: in general can be used in the matched load of work under the natural cooling, but the equipment must be ventilated in the non-matched load, high pressure, high frequency conditions when working under forced air cooling, ventilation should be through the outlet from the tube at the bottom of bottom-up air supply.


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