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  • 100W  RF Power Generator(Integrated)
100W  RF Power Generator(Integrated)

100W RF Power Generator(Integrated)

  • Description: This product is 100W manually matched RF power supply, mainly used in small plasma cleaner, medical disinfection equipment, induction heating equipment and other equipment, small size, easy to operate

Performance parameters of 100W RF power supply


Rated power:100W

Radio Frequency Power Output Range:1-100W

Power stability:+ 0.1%

Reflective power limit:40W

Load impedance:50 Ohm

Radio Frequency Output Connector:50 Ohm_, N-type nuts

Harmonic component:Less than-50 dBc

distortion:(-60 dBc)

Whole machine efficiency:More than 70%

Power supply voltage:Single-phase AC 220VAC, frequency 50/60Hz

Cooling mode:Forced air cooling

External communication interface:DB9 Analog Interface

Screen display:Forward power, reverse power


Size of the whole machine:360x260x106

Other requirements:Customized to Customer Requirements

Matcher performance parameters

Rated power:100W

Normal Operating Reflection Power:<5W (100W power output)

Load impedance:50 Ohm

control mode:Manual knob controlOhm


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