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Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Under normal use condition, capacitor doesn't need too much maintenance, it only need periodically clean and remove the dust. Use water and detergent to clean the unglazed ceramic surface; Factory can supply special lubricating oil to lubricate guide shaft and screw regularly.

Following is the common failure and solution:




Screw does not work  while installation

Capacitor with large pipe diameter has two kinds of thread dimensions: metric and inch.

Inch thread has the sign of letter "E"

Please choose the correct screw that can match thread

Torque is larger

The torque is large when user receive the goods or after long storage.

After the transportation or long time storage, user can use bearing support to spinning the shaft; add lubricate between shaft and sleeve; add lubricate between screw and connector (nut).

AC arcing or trip

Arcing or trip during the capacitor test.

Capacitor has arcing or trip after storage for a period, user can do the AC aging (power frequency, check the voltage value) for a few minutes before the test.

Ceramic creepage

Ceramic creepage during the AC test.

The surface of ceramic has got damp, silk dipping in anhydrous alcohol to wipe the surface, and drying by drier.

Capacitor has hum

Capacitor has hum during the AC test

This phenomenon happens at the inherent resonance frequency of 50Hz more or less. The hum during the AC test will not affect the test and usage (capacitor is under HF status while using, there will be no resonance and noise). If adverse consequences caused by hum, We will take over the responsibility.

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