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Vacuum Capacitors Notes

Vacuum Capacitor through high-temperature welding, is composed by high conductive oxygen free copper, every part is soft. So special package should be prepared for the capacitor to avoid parts deformation during transportation.


  • Handle the vacuum capacitor carefully during the transition, and strong shock is prohibited. User should wear clean gloves when touch the capacitor surface.
  • Before the package, the vacuum capacitor should be at min capacitance to avoid impact between movable/fixed electrode assembly during the transportation.
  • Vacuum capacitor can not  be horizontally put during the transportation;  can not be exposed on the rain and snow.


  • Vacuum capacitor should be stored upright in a sealing plastic bag with desiccant.
  • Vacuum capacitor should be stored in a dry environment and without acid, alkaline and other corrosive gas.
  • In term of long-term storage, the vacuum capacitors should do the AC high voltage test per 4~6 months, it will help to keep voltage endurance capability.
  • Before testing the water cooling capacitors, the water in the bellow of capacitor must be clear away. Also the water must be dried out during the storage, since the residual water/moisture will mix with oxygen, also the air would corrode the bellow and affect the life of vacuum capacitor.


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