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Performance of Vacuum Capacitors

Vacuum Capacitors have higher withstanding voltage, smaller volume, lower loss and more reliable performance than capacitors with other media. The particular performance includes the following:

  • Rated voltage-Due to the excellent insulation of vacuum and the dustproof and moisture-proof performance, vacuum capacitors have high rated voltage when the dimension and the volume are certain. It can achieve hundreds thousands of voltage.
  • Small loss and high rated current-As vacuum capacitors are made with vacuum medium, low loss ceramic shell and oxygen-free copper plate, it can carry large RF current under general convection cooling, and even the frequency is very high. The carrying RF current can achieve thousands of amperes.
  • Save space-to a certain capacitance and rated voltage, vacuum capacitors need smallest space.
  • Wide capacitance range-the ratio of the biggest capacitance to the smallest achieve 150:1, from several pf to thousands of pf, it is an ideal component for wide range tuning.
  • Self cured ability for excessive voltage-Vacuum capacitor can withstand instantaneous excessive voltage, which will permanently damage other sort of capacitors.
  • Work in high altitude-vacuum airproof allows vacuum capacitor to work in high altitude without performance decrease.


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